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Sunday, September 18, 2011

I am a Malaysian.. So, I Want More!

The recent 6% GST Telco fiasco which is now withdrawn made me a curious man. The research I did on my own with my buddy 'Google', that gave me a hand full of knowledge to share with anyone whose reading this line right now. I would say Malaysia is doing pretty good, well at certain point it suppose to be awesome. We have one of the lowest taxes in the world and we are 1 of the fewest countries who still providing the fuel subsidy. The fuel subsidy itself cost the government USD14billion a year, that's somewhere near RM60billion. Damn! Nobody wants to know about this or worry about this. So this is where most of our tax and toll moneys are going. Its going nowhere instead coming back to us in some other form. The current world fuel price list as at the moment I write this would be like below. Only selected world leading competitive countries chosen by myself has been listed here.

Gasoline Prices Around The World(USD) - RON95

Qatar - 0.22
Oman - 0.31
Brunei - 0.54
Indonesia - 0.59
USA - 0.76
North Korea - 0.77
India - 0.90 
Russia - 0.91
Argentina - 0.92
China - 0.95
Spain - 1.43
Sri Lanka - 1.46
Australia - 1.50
Brazil - 1.53
Singapore - 1.65
New Zealand - 1.76
Thailand - 1.76
Japan - 1.91
Portugal - 1.97
Hong Kong - 2.16
Germany - 2.17
Italy - 2.19
UK - 2.13
France - 2.28
Belgium - 2.32
Denmark - 2.36
Netherlands - 2.41
Norway - 2.60

Thats not so bad at all. And below is the image of result Petrol price comparison done across the world by Khistij Consultancy Services from India. The results are in Indian Rupee.

So more or less, the issues on Petrol shouldn't and wouldn't rise at all. But coming back to the rates of VAT/GST/Sales tax, we are doing way better than most of the countries. But still we cry like babies saying that we have high tax rates. Below is the rates list for all the above listed countries. Amazing stuff!
We have 1 of the lowest GST rates, lowest fuel price, so much being spent on subsidy yet I am a Malaysian, come on!

MALAYSIA - 6% since January 2011, previously 5%

Brunei - NIL
Hong Kong - NIL
Japan - 5%
Singapore - 7% since July 07'
Thailand - 7%
Qatar - 7%
Indonesia - 10%
Australia - 10%
USA - 10.25%
Sri Lanka -12%
India - 12.5%
New Zealand - 15% from 1 Oct 2010
North Korea -15%
China -17% with many variations
Brazil - 17% to 25%
Russia - 18%
Netherlands -19%
Germany -19%
Spain - 18%
France - 19.6%
UK - 20% since Jan 2011
Argentina - 21%
Italy - 21% since 17 Sept 2011, previously 20%
Belgium -21%
Portugal - 23% since 1st Jan 2011
Denmark - 25%
Norway - 25%
Oman - 25%

MALAYSIA, we are richer than most of the countriest in the world! Yes, we are!


I can see that whoever made Malaysia to this level have pretty much done an awesome job. There is nothing like what have been claimed by certain clans. We are doing pretty wonderful job but still there are lots of things to look on. Minimum wages are one of it definitely, only that can bring an end to the long unresolved poverty as Malaysia is still caught in a middle income trap, where 60% of our households are living below the poverty line of RM3000 per month. Well if I ask my dad he would say RM3k is more than enough, but I guess this calculation was done considering someone who is residing in KL and truly so Malaysian.

Lots of good things are going around and certainly there are bad things as well. Well when someone is so busy looking after the country & the people and the other one sits on the same chair and keep on writing and condemning about the other one, definitely the bad things going to be lots more than the good one. That's why one have to be wise enough to ensure that we and the country are on the right track and momentum.

This is Malaysian Boy... So Kita Sempoi...
People First, Performance Now...!


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